Seedr – The best torrent to direct download site out there..

We all love torrents, but it’s getting harder and harder to utilize them properly for many reasons, first, they are illegal in many countries, and if you get detected using the torrents, it might get you in trouble. The second reason the download speed may vary as it’s not a direct download and many other people will be downloading the same thing at the same time from the same host. So what does Seedr have to do with all of this???
Good Question!
Seedr is a simple yet very powerful tool that will download the content/files from the torrent for you and will host it in their dedicated servers for you to download at full speed and at any time, no more waiting for seeds, no more worrying about the legal status, just copy the link of your torrent, copy magnet link, or just upload the torrent file and see the magic.
Click the link down below to get your very own Seedr account and get started totally free of cost.

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